Customize Twitter the way you want with Tweetlook app for Windows 8.1

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Customize Twitter the way you want to with Tweetlook. The long awaited app is now here for Windows Phones

As we know, Twitter has always been one of the most popular and used social networking platforms.  From a common user to a big celebrity, everyone uses Twitter to keep themselves updated with the latest news, social happenings, staying in touch with your friends and more.  Because of Twitter’s popularity, developers are spending more time in developing ravishing Twitter clients – especially for Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform.

Liquid Daffodil, a team of developers with more than 20 years of Microsoft-centric development experience, has now brought us the long awaited Tweetlook which is available at the Windows Store. Tweetlook is a powerful app that can be fully customized to your needs. It offers a wide range of features. All your tweets, replies, mentions are streamed in real time (you don’t have to press refresh every time). There’s a built-in auto-complete option for hastags. You can easily mute anyone, even tweet sources and hashtags. You can use use unlimited accounts with Tweetlook, easily pin lists and people within the app itself. 

Here are the key features of the app:

  • Full Twitter timelines, mentions, messages and retweets!
  • Full relevant reply and conversation views!
  • Full send to OneNote and Pocket support!
  • Full Tweetmarker and Twit Longer support!
  • Create “Quick Lists” to follow tags and terms realtime without having to search!
  • Full control over your theming, including accent colors!
  • Powerful context-aware radial menus give you access to take action on everything!

Tweetlook is definitely one of the most amazing Twitter clients for Windows Phones. It’s eye-popping user interface, customization options, and the rest of its features make it stand out. The app is currently available for $2.99 as an “Initial introductory version” with more updates on the way to improve the app.

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