Microsoft tests ability to customize the Share button on Xbox Series X | S controller

Arif Bacchus

Updated on:

Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S controller has a signature “Share” button that’s useful for capturing recordings and captures of your game, but it never went beyond that. That’s until now, as the Alpha Ring of the Xbox Insider program now includes the option to tweak the button to any other function of your choosing (via Windows Central.)

This new feature actually comes by way of the Xbox Accessories app for those with consoles enrolled in the Alpha Ring of the Xbox Insider program. The updated app on Xbox Series X and S unlocks new button remapping actions. Of some of those is the ability to remap the Share button to mute the TV, open the friend list, or open achievements. Of course, you can customize what the single tap, double-tap, and long-press does, too.

This Alpha Ring release also brings a settings to change the opacity of the broadcast bar, as well as a new default behavior to collapse it to just icons. A couple of fixes are in the release for local languages, too.

As a reminder, the Alpha ring of the Xbox Insider Program is “invite-only,” so not everyone will have access to testing the feature. It’s also very unstable, but you can try your luck at joining the ring by completing a survey in the Xbox Insider Hub called “joining new rings.” You might be selected after and will have a message in Xbox Live letting you know when you’re in. Then, you can switch your ring from the Manage section of the Xbox Insider Hub.

Non-Xbox Insiders can look forward to his new feature in a few months once testing is complete.