Cube Samurai Run is more than just a fun endless runner for Windows 8.1

Cube Samurai: Run!

There’s no shortage of endless running games in the Windows Store, but most of them offer the same thing, just run, run, and run. Today, we came across another endless runner game dubbed as Cube Samurai Run, where, apart from running, you have to face power enemies during the run, fight with them, and defeat bosses on different levels.

You also collect coins during your run, which can be used to purchase costumes and weapons with abilities to help you progress through the game. You also have to update the skills to improve your battle skills. I played the game for a while on my laptop, it worked without any issues, but I feel that it’s not designed to play with a mouse or a keyboard — it should work better on tablet. On the bright side, the game offers decent graphics.

“Run, jump and slash your way through the hottest new Endless Runner! Venture across the universe on a quest to vanquish the evil Pyramid and his robotic Cone Trooper army,” the app description reads. Here’s a list of features the game has to offer:

  • Purchase Costumes and Weapons with Hidden Abilities
  • Upgrade your Skills to help battle the Evil Pyramid and his robotic Cone Trooper Army 
  • Avoid Deadly Traps and Dodge Powerful Foes
  • Attack Enemies with your Elite Samurai Skills
  • Defeat Bosses
  • Challenge your Friends with Global Leaderboards

​Head over to the Windows Store using the link below, and install the game for your device. It offers users a better gaming experience on a tablet, rather than on a computer with a keyboard and mouse. Do try it and let us know how you like it.

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