Crytek Warface for Xbox 360 to shut down on February 1st, 2015

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Crytek warface for xbox 360 to shut down on february 1st, 2015

Crytek announced they are going to shut down their free-to-play first-person shooter game Warface will shut down on February 1st, 2015. It's a really surprising move as the game launched for Xbox 360 earlier this year in April, and in mere 10 months, the game is closing its doors. The game was available for free, but required an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play.

There are still two months left before the game closes down, but prospective players will not be able to join the game. Existing players can continue to play the game until February 1st, but they will not be able to purchase in-game "Kredits", but players can spend their existing Kredits until the game closes down next year.

The developer said on Facebook, 

In the run up to February 1st next year, we'll be gradually winding down Warface service on Xbox 360. Existing players will still be able to play the game and use any content they have already acquired until the game closure date. However, effective today, no new players will be able to join and current players will no longer be able to purchase additional Warface Kredits. Players can spend any existing Kredits they have within the game until it closes on February 1st, 2015. To all our Xbox 360 players, thank you for choosing to spend your time playing Warface.

Earlier this summer, Crytek had some financial problems, but they later announced they've received funding from a mysterious benefactor, and will continue to operate. Alas, it seems the plans didn't pan out, and now, gamers have two more months to play the first-person shooter game. 

The game also launched on PC last year, and the developer mentioned that they will continue to support the game on it -- it's free on PC, but the in-game items requires users to pay.

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