CronusMax mod brings keyboard and mouse to the Xbox One

CronusMax mod brings keyboard and mouse to the Xbox One

For the past two-and-a-half weeks the Xbox One has received plenty of attention, from gaming stats to fake hacks. A lot has also been made of the capabilities in the new console when it comes to ease of use. Customers can use, not only the game controller, but also voice, gestures and even a Harmony remote control -- everything except a good old-fashioned keyboard and mouse.

Now a new mod brings that to the Xbox One as well. CronusMax has been around for sometime, working with the previous generation consoles. Recently the company posted a video showing the $60 USB stick-sized device runningn on the new Microsoft gaming console and being used to, not only work with controllers from other platforms, but also a keyboard and mouse.

If you currently have a CronusMax device then you'll need to make sure you get the latest update (version 2.0.6) for it, as this is what enables the new functionality for the Xbox One. While being able to use computer peripherals with your console is just the sort of hack that brings a smile to the geek in us, it's probably not something you really have much use for. The real value in CronusMax is the ability to use other game controllers, like ones from Sony and Nintendo, on your new Xbox One.

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