Created too many Clubs in Xbox One? You can now delete them

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Xbox and Windows Gaming representative Mike Yabarra tweeted just moments ago that Xbox One's preview members could now delete clubs. This is particularly useful if you've created too many of them to try out the feature.

Clubs were released just last week in Xbox One's preview 1610. The new social feature made it so you could create, moderate, and build your own clubs together with other gaming friends. They can all chat, share achievements, look for groups, and generally interact easier than before. Clubs were one of the most requested additions for Xbox Live and will likely play a major role moving forward.

Unfortunately, many preview members claim they don't even have access to the clubs feature yet and are still stuck in build 1608. The staggered release has some fans upset. For those in the preview, however, they can create and delete clubs now to their heart's content.


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