Cortana on Xbox One comes to France, Italy, Germany and Spain in latest Preview update

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Microsoft released yesterday a new preview build for members of the Xbox One Preview program. The latest bits bring Cortana to France, Italy, Germany and Spain plus four European countries plus fixes to game trials and system updates.

The latest version of the Xbox One system software is now rs1_xbox_rel_1608.160824-1140 and you can find the full changelog below:


  • If your console is in Instant-On mode, it will download and install the update and reboot to standby.
  • NOTE: Once the update is available, you can manually begin the update by launching the Guide and navigating to All Settings > System > Console info & updates.
  • If your console hasn’t downloaded and installed the update by 1:00 AM PDT 8/27/2016, you will be prompted to do so at that time.


  • Cortana: Cortana is now available in France, Italy, Germany, and Spain.
    If you live in these regions and would like to begin using Cortana, just follow the steps below:

    • Launch the Guide and navigate to All Settings.
    • Navigate to System > Cortana Settings.
    • When prompted, select “I agree” to enable Cortana.

You can launch Cortana from My games & apps or snap Cortana from the Guide. To learn a few commands, just say “Hey Cortana, what can I say?” in your language.

If you decide to opt out of Cortana, just repeat the steps above to toggle Cortana On/Off. Opting out of Cortana will re-enable the Xbox legacy voice commands.


  • Game Trials: Resolved an issue which could cause game trials to be available for less or more than the intended amount of time.
  • System Update: Resolved an issue which could cause system updates to fail while being applied.


  • OneGuide: You may encounter an error when attempting to view the TV details page for Live TV content.

As explained in the changelog, you will be free to deactivate Cortana and stick to the traditional Xbox One voice commands. Let us know in the comments what suits you best! Lastly, if you don’t have a Kinect we remind you that you can also plug a mini microphone into your Xbox One controller, and get Cortana without Kinect.

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