Cortana will just 'start working' when she becomes available in your region


It was recently announced that Cortana would be coming to the UK in a couple of weeks. The UK will be the first country outside of the United States to receive the personal assistant, so a good question to ask is how will it roll out, will an update be required?

According to ThatMicrosoftGuy, a Microsoft Employee working closely with Cortana, the personal assistant will just work when she launches. There will be no update or download required, she'll just magically start working when Microsoft flip the switch.

So, keep checking that Search button, because soon Cortana will be ready for those in the UK. Cortana being entirely based in the cloud means updates to her happen behind the scenes -- you'll never be prompted to update her and you'll never have to download anything. That's the beauty of the cloud.

Are you excited for Cortana in the UK? Leave us your thoughts below.

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