Cortana picks up another update, now showcases stock prices and charts

Cortana picks up another update, brings stock prices and chart

Keeping up with its promise to provide two monthly updates to Cortana, Microsoft has updated the voice assistant service for Windows Phone. The update enables it to bring you information about the stock market.

Cortana will now keep you updated with the latest prices for the stocks you are following. There is a simple chart as well which displays each stock’s price. The company is using data from Morningstar. It’s noteworthy to mention that Google Now and Siri — Cortana’s rivals — already offer similar features.

Cortana has been on a roll since its inception. The voice assistant service has added several new features lately, and was spot-on in predicting the results of FIFA World Cup 2014 matches. Perhaps, it’s a coincidence, but the timing of this update is rather special. Microsoft’s stock prices have been shooting up and have reached a new high in the last 14 years.

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