Windows 10 Mobile: Cortana over Bluetooth is being actively worked on

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Perhaps it goes without saying that Windows 10 Mobile is in need of work. Last week’s build 10166 seems to be moving along the same lines as its PC counterpart. Rather than being chalked with features and new bells and whistles, mobile build 10166 appears to be more of a refinement build. In anecdotal testing, mobile build 10166 seems like it’s re-establishing lost connections from previous builds. Syncing, downloading, and account options are being addressed for large parts of the OS. Users of build 10166 are also noting that previously ‘glitchy’ animations and crashes are now mitigated, and in some instances removed altogether.

However, this is still an Insider build, and things are still a bit wonky for this preview. Of note, the way Cortana and Bluetooth integration are working in this build is something that needs to be addressed. Some mobile Insiders are noticing that in several cases Cortana isn’t launching with Bluetooth setups at all. The lucky Insiders who manage to receive a Cortana Bluetooth connection are finding that many of the voice activated features are still missing though. Not so lucky huh? As with most user-generated pieces of feedback, the Bluetooth issues has made its way up the food chain

Gabe Aul of the Windows team has noted that the team is well aware of the issue and is ‘actively’ working on it. As this is a preview build, not even a developer build, inconveniences like missing Bluetooth are to be expected. While build 10166 is relatively stable for most everyday uses, Insiders should be reminded that the next several Insider builds will come with bugs, instability, missing features, and caveats. However, as Microsoft has designed Windows to be a one core experience, the closer the mobile build numbers line up with the PC version, the better the experience should be for Insiders.

With Windows 10 getting ready for release in a couple of weeks, and the Windows team promising their full attention to Windows 10 Mobile afterward, mobile Insiders shouldn’t have to wait too much longer for rock solid builds to test.

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