Cortana makes a very British splash in a new European commercial

Cortana makes a very british splash in a new european commercial

It seems Microsoft is just full of surprises today. On the eve of the Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview for mobile release (that's a mouthful), their marketing department is also releasing a commercial highlighting Cortana for a European market.

The new thirty-second commercial showcases a Lumia 735 sporting the familiar voice assistant interface with a slightly accented persona. "So I hear someone is about to have a baby. This is big news and I'd love to help," Cortana, very cheekily, implies she's in the hands of the royal family and is ready to assist in the very detailed-oriented way she can.

While the commercial seems to lack some of the fit and finish of the current crop of North American spots; chops and unrefined transitions, the length of the commercial suggest this is television-ready spot that could likely show up on European cable networks in the near future.

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