Cortana goes against Siri yet again in a new video ad: 'What Siri forgets, Cortana remembers'

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Cortana goes against siri yet again in a new video ad: 'what siri forgets, cortana remembers'

Yet another video advertisement has been released from Microsoft showcasing Cortana as the better personal digital assistant when compared to Apple's Siri. This video has arrived just in time for the new Apple iPhone 6 unveiling earlier today.

In the video, Cortana makes fun of Siri's inability to remember what you like. "What Siri forgets, Cortana remembers. Meet your new personal assistant. Cortana gets to know you and learns your interests over time. She remembers your favorite people, restaurants, news topics and more. She can even remember your appointments and help you get there on time with proactive traffic alerts," Microsoft explains.

The video starts off with Siri asking Cortana what her name is. Cortana replies by saying, "We've already met." Siri responds back by saying, "I'm sorry, I don't remember." Cortana adds the final nail to the coffin by replying, "It's ok, I can remember lots of things, like your favorite restaurants.."

Finally, Siri is asked what she can remember and her response is quite funny. "I remember when I was the only phone that talked." Ouch. Watch the video below.

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