Cortana accurately predicts Round 16 matches at the World Cup

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Cortana correctly predicts every Round of 16 match at the World Cup

The World Cup, everyone’s talking about it, regardless of whether or not they’re fans of football (or soccer). It would make for a proud moment for the countries involved to see their national flags rise over the others and lift the historic trophy.

A few week ago, as part of an expansion to the Bing Prediction Engine, Microsoft announced that Bing (and Cortana) would be able to predict the winners of World Cup games based on a number of factors such as playing surface, weather conditions, home advantage, and historical results in qualification competitions among others.

As of the conclusion of  Round of 16, Cortana has correctly predicted the outcomes of every match, even those that went scoreless to penalties, where winning becomes a 50-50 chance. As we progress into the quarter-finals of the Cup, matches will becomes more unpredictable with tensions rising at every corner. Will Cortana keep her running streak going? Below are her predictions for the next 4 matches.

Cortana correctly predicts every Round of 16 match at the World Cup

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