Cortana can now show you European soccer league results

Cortana can now show you european soccer league results

Cortana can do a lot of things, all thanks to Microsoft’s continuous efforts to add to her list of capabilities. Today, fans of European football (soccer) in particular will appreciate some welcome updates to the virtual assistant.

Since Cortana’s debut, she has been capable of tracking your favorite football teams, be it in Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, or Manchester United, and keeping you up-to-date on their individual scores. This is in addition to telling you about upcoming fixtures, and presenting you with league standings, among other features.

Now, the digital assistant can also show your teams results from the latest league matchdays too. By firing up Cortana and asking her for “BPL scores” or “Serie A scores”, for example, she would present you with the latest list of results from those leagues.

It’s a small but welcome addition that makes Cortana a more complete and more capable assistant for football aficionados.

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