Converge app for Windows Phone: read all about WinBeta and other popular Microsoft news sites in one place

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Converge app for windows phone: read all about winbeta and other popular microsoft news sites in one place

I am proud to introduce to you the Converge app for Windows Phone. This app will now be our default third-party app and our current app in the Windows Phone Store will no longer be supported. Let me explain.

Developing and maintaining an app takes a lot of hard work, requires a lot of time and patience. Our Windows Phone app was developed as an experiment and unfortunately, we are unable to maintain or support it. But all is well in the world. Meet the Converge app for Windows Phone.

Developed by the same man who made The Verge for Windows Phone (read our story about him here), the Converge app brings together WinBeta, our friends at Windows Phone Central, and The Verge (we're sure more sources will be added eventually) into once single, fantastic, beautiful, and regularly-maintained app. Now you can read all our stories, as well as stories from other Microsoft oriented sites, in one spot.

Not a fan of The Verge or other news sources? Don't worry. You can easily disable each source you do not like. In fact, if you disable the other sources, you can make the Converge app showcase only content from WinBeta. How cool is that?

The app supports a dark and light theme, as well as Disqus comments. We're still working to get our comments in the app, so you can comment in posts directly via the app. The app also features adjustable text size, style, and even a Live tile! And guess what, the app is free. How cool is that?

Uninstall our WinBeta app from your device, grab the Converge app via the download link below, and give it a spin! Expect to see more frequent updates and features in the Converge app. We are also working on improving our Windows 8.1 app, so stay tuned on news regarding that.

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