Control water with the power of the Xbox One Kinect

Control water with the power of the Xbox One Kinect

Have you ever wanted to control water like Mickey Mouse in Disney’s original Fantasia film? Well now you can thanks to the Chinese high-tech company, Beijing Triansfer Technology Development which has incorporated the Xbox One’s Kinect sensor into some water fountain display technology.

The tech uses the Kinect to read a person’s body movements and translates each gesture as a unique fountain function. Moving right or left limbs activates either side of the water display and making an “x” with your arms will activate a pre-set rhythmic water pattern.

This specific system has been commercially available since April this year and Trainsfer is apparently in negotiations with a major Chinese theme park right now to convince them to implement it. The ability to manipulate water fountains with body gestures isn’t exactly something that will change the world but it is a good example of the variety of situations the Xbox One Kinect can be used in.

What’s the coolest use of Kinect that you’ve seen?

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