ComScore: Windows Phone now at 3.2% market share, Android at 51.6% in the United States

Microsoft's Windows phone operating system

According to new data from ComScore, Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform holds a 3.2% market share as of August 2013. The platform has held a 3% market share in the United States as of July 2013.

According to the data, 145 million people in the United States owned smartphones during the three months ending in August, up 3 percent since May. Windows Phone, as of August 2013, holds a 3.2% market share in the United States.

To put things in perspective, Windows Phone held a 3% share as of May 2013. The platform previously held a 3.2% market share back in February of 2013. According ComScore, the platform saw an increase by 0.2% in market share for the month of August 2013 compared to May 2013.

“Windows Phone, as of August 2013, holds a 3.2% market share in the United States.”

Android, which is still the top platform, actually dropped by 0.8% in market share, totaling 51.6%. Apple went up by 1.5% and now holds a 40.7% share. BlackBerry remains above Windows Phone with a 4.0% share.

During Microsoft’s Financial Analyst meeting recently, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer admitted that Windows Phone lacks market share in the smartphone arena. However, Ballmer considers this lack of market share to be an “upside opportunity” for the Windows Phone platform.

Across the five major European markets, Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform has posted its highest ever level of market share (8.2%) for the three months ending July 2013. 

ComScore’s data doesn’t really provide us with positive news about Microsoft’s mobile platform. Perhaps the data collected is somewhat skewed in some way or maybe the Windows Phone platform still needs lots of improvement, at least in the United States. After all, Windows Phone is doing great in Europe.

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