Comscore: Bing in second place behind Google in search engine market share for Dec 2012

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According to a new report from ComScore, Microsoft is in second place right behind Google, when it comes to search engine market share for the month of December 2012. This data is bit different compared to what Net Marketshare reported a few weeks back.

Microsoft’s Bing took a 16.3% market share for the month of December, and only saw a .1% increase from November. Google, which remains on top, dropped by .3% and saw a 66.7% market share. Yahoo came in third place with a 12.2% search engine market share.

According to Net Marketshare, Google is still number one in search engine market share, while Yahoo comes in at second place followed by Microsoft’s very own Bing search engine, which takes third place. Google was able to snag a 83.24% market share while Yahoo took 8.16% in market share. Bing, on the other hand, only had 4.67%.

As you can see, the data between the two groups are different, but offer an insight on how well the big three search engines are doing when it comes to market share.

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