The classic shooter game Teslapunk is now available for Xbox One

Teslapunk is a 2D shooter arcade game which will remind you of the good old days of gaming. As a player, your task is to defend the earth from an invader from Mars, who happens to be a lunatic invader by day and a DJ by night -- yes, that sounds strange. There are six levels designed to test your skills, alongside a Survival mode where you can upgrade your ship and buy items to proceed with the game.
The official game description reads,

Teslapunk is a classic 2D shoot-em-up with fast-paced arcade gameplay. You have to defend earth against an invasion from Mars lead by Emperor Zangórax who back on Mars is a popular DJ by night and a frantic invader by day. The Invasion takes you through 6 different levels each uniquely designed. Additionally there is a Survival Game Mode where you can level up your ship and buy helpful items.

If you're interested, head over to the Xbox One store and grab the game.

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