Chrome browser on Windows Phone? Google is looking into it

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Chrome browser on Windows Phone? Google is looking into it

Google has been largely silent when it comes to porting its popular mobile apps to Windows Phone. It has remained a bone of contention with come customers of the platform, but the software giant isn’t writing off all options just yet.

A Google software engineer, Carlos Pizano, opened a ticket this week regarding a port of the Chrome browser to the Microsoft mobile platform. Before you jump up and down, let me temper your excitement.

This is only a request for another developer to look into this possibility, and it certainly doesn’t mean you should start checking the app store just yet. “Now that the Chrome team has developed a Chrome Metro/Modern UI version for Windows 8, I’m hoping that large parts of the code can be recycled to build Chrome for WP8”, the request states.

This is all pretty vague for now. It’s unclear if Google will actually try, and even more of a stretch that Microsoft would allow it. Many of the software giant’s apps are available in the Play store, so one would think that reciprocation would be welcome and acceptable. We’ll see.

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