Christmas Factory game rolls into the Windows Store

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Christmas Factory game rolls into the Windows Store

Just last week, we discovered two new games that had debuted within the Windows Store, just in time for the season. The holiday-themed titles came directly from a Microsoft employee who has taken to developing these things on the side. The fact is, he is actually rather prolific at this, with titles for most recent holidays.

While the previous two offerings from hielo777 (as he is known by on MSDN) were a bit…well, gruesome, this one heads in a more traditional direction. Sure, it’s not difficult to get more mainstream than Santa vs Zombies and Hang Me Christmas, but Christmas Factory is straight up family fun. After all, it’s Kris Kringle and presents, what more could you wish for?

The game, like his previous offerings, is free. It’s also far from all he has done. In fact, the proliferation of holiday-themed titles is rather extensive, as you can see by following the link below. We can only point you to the game, though. We can’t help you beat it.

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