Chef Tom Colicchio uses Bing Food & Drink to prepare for the holiday season

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Chef Tom Colicchio uses Bing Food & Drink to prepare for the holiday season

At this time of year, technology can be a great help in a number of a ways. Whether you’re using the internet to shop online for the perfect present, or sending festive greetings to friends and relatives all over the world, your computer can help to make the holiday season much simpler. It’s the same in the kitchen as chef Tom Colicchio demonstrates.

Talking with the Bing blog, the chef explains how technology helps him — the Bing Food & Drink app in particular. The app can be used to come up with stunning creations based on the ingredients you have to hand. If you have a surprised visit from friends this holiday season, just fire up the app and you can search for recipes based on the supplies you have available.

Tom explains how the app can be used to build up a shopping list and you can navigate through recipes hands-free — so there’s no need to worry about covering your laptop or Surface in food! The fact that the app can be accessed on multiple devices means it’s easy to check on your plans just about anywhere.

Oh, and before you get too stressed in the kitchen, remember Tom’s top tip: “Mise en place.” Spend a little time getting all of your ingredient washed, prepared and measured out ahead of time, this will result in putting together a meal in a much easier process.

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