Check out Xbox Feedback on UserVoice, a place for your ideas and suggestions

Check out xbox feedback on uservoice, a place for your ideas and suggestions

Microsoft is actively listening to consumer feedback and that is why the devices and services giant has a UserVoice page for the Xbox One console. You can submit your feedback, suggestions, and ideas to the company and it just might make it to the console!

"Xbox Feedback is the most effective place for your ideas, suggestions, and feedback to be seen by the teams that create Xbox products and services. This site allows you to suggest a new feature, enhancements to an existing feature, or to vote on ideas that others have submitted," the feedback site states.

Microsoft already has a UserVoice page for several of its products, including Windows Phone. The company is no stranger to responding to user feedback, so go throw in your ideas!

Head over to to check it out.

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