Check out what the Microsoft Surface looked like while in prototype stage

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WinBeta Surface Pro

The Surface RT and Surface Pro has been out in the market for a little while now but did you know that Microsoft "stressed out" about creating a device that enabled full productivity as well as protect the device with a special cover/keyboard? Check out these early prototype images of a device that would become the Surface.

The guys over at The Verge have managed to get an insider look at concepts and prototypes that led to that final Surface product. "When we started and kind of all the visions were coming together, it was clear we were gonna go make a tablet," Microsoft's Panos Panay stated in an interview. During the interview, Panay mentions how Microsoft even toyed with the idea of another form factor, "there were some other concepts, and there were a number of them beyond just tablet at the time," Panay mentioned. The Surface Pro, codenamed Georgetown X, was such a hit that it created a bigger demand than was expected and Microsoft even admits it. We recommend hitting the source link for the in-depth look at the prototype images.

The Verge Surface prototype

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