Check out these Xbox One S bundles, just in time for the holiday season

Kit McDonald

Microsoft Xbox One S video game bundles for the holiday season

The Xbox One S is looking to be one of the more popular choices for gifts this holiday season. With a couple of short months left, gamers will be looking to purchase the only console that is currently available for 4K resolution and Blu-ray DVD.

But why just stop at buying the new console? There are plenty of bundles that have been released that will get you started in the game as soon as possible. With a range of 500GB to 2TB, the latest upgrade to the Xbox One can vary from as little as $299 USD. Here are some listed by Major Nelson that you might be interested in:

Not only can you purchase yourself (and of course, your friends and family) an Xbox One S bundle but there are plenty of accessories to enhance your game time. Custom designed Xbox One S controllers from the Xbox Design Lab have been a major hit among fans.

We’ll most likely see some sales crop up as December draws closer. If you’ve been looking for a reason to buy the new console, this season might be the best opportunity.