Check out the only online multiplayer air soccer app for Windows 8.1: Air Soccer Fever

Check out the only online multiplayer air soccer app for Windows 8.1: Air Soccer Fever

Air Soccer Fever is a fantastic soccer game in the Windows Store that also offers multiplayer capabilities. Not only is the game free, but you can play anyone across the world online. How well can you score and how high can you rank in the worldwide leaderboard?

“The game provides 1-Player, 2-Player and Tournament modes – so you can enjoy a match against your family or friends on your windows 8 device. You can play online in realtime against anyone in the world. With exciting soccer fields and team specific crowd chants, it has everything to offer to a casual gamer. Play against the device or a friend and enjoy the thrill of soccer with a twist,” the game description reads.

This game was developed by an indie game studio called Dangling Concepts. “Soccer is a universally loved sport and Air Soccer Fever captures the excitement of a real match,” says Imran Shafiq, developer at Dangling Concepts. “The picture is so clear and the animation is so fluid on the Windows 8.1 tablet’s screen, it’s the next best thing to a real soccer game.”

There are a total of eight soccer fields, eight soccer balls, over 100 team flags and chants from real countries like Germany, USA, Spain, and Japan. You can play by yourself, or have two players, a tournament, or test your skills in the online multiplayer mode. Here are the key features of this app:

  • 8 soccer fields & 8 soccer balls
  • Over 100 Team Flags
  • 1 Player, 2 Player, Tournament, Local multiplayer and Realtime online multiplayer
  • 4 Skill Levels – Beginner, Amateur, Professional, World Class
  • 3 Game speeds – Slow, Medium, Fast
  • Fouls & Bookings – Yellow & Red card (Fouls can be turned on/off)
  • 1 Generic Team crowd chant
  • 6 Team specific chants – USA, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain
  • Automatic game save and game resume/restore (not supported in multiplayer mode)
  • 2 Match modes – Timed match, Target Goal match
  • In-app purchases for tournament, multiplayer and ad-free game

Hit the download link below to snag the app! It’s free!

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