Check out Never Future for Windows Phone, an action RPG game in a post apocalyptic world

Check out Never Future for Windows Phone, an adventure action RPG game in a post-apocalyptic world

Never Future is an action RPG game for Windows Phone that shows you just what happens when irrational thinking affects the world. Humanity polluted the world so badly that trash itself has become a living threat. As the hero, you must defend the innocent from the dangerous post-apocalyptic world.

“A young archaeologist finds a mysterious artifact. The artifact brings the hero to an unknown world, where he wanders and looks for his way home. In Never Future you will gather, sort and recycle trash in exchange for powerful upgrades. Eventually players will be able to wield weapons of ultimate trash destruction,” the app description reads.

The game features over 50 different maps, a variety of weapons like grenade launcher or sniper rifle, impressive special abilities and armor customization, and various ways to play the game. So far, the game has over 100 reviews, with the majority of reviews ranging between 4.5 and 5.

Recently, Never Future received an update, adding two additional control systems, improved player control, and new dialogues. The game is absolutely free until August 8th, so hit the download link to snag it.

You can also check out the game in action below.

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