Changes to Word documents will now show up in Google Docs

Changes to Word documents will now show up in Google Docs

Google rolled out suggested edits a few weeks ago for its popular Docs online (and offline) office suite. The update provided a way to make edits to a document, but also gave the owner of said document a way to accept or reject those changes. In other words, it provides more control over the collaboration process. 

However, Microsoft’s Word format, “.docx”, is completely compatible with Google Docs, and many people are working closely with folks using Word. Microsoft, of course has released a Word app for Chrome, so collaboration is easy, though it only seems to go one way, as Google has been reluctant to make apps for platforms like Windows Phone.

“We know that some of you work with people who still use Word, so starting today any tracked changes in a .docx file will be automatically carried over to Docs as Suggested Edits. Once you’ve imported your changes, you can begin immediately collaborating with your colleagues in real-time”, says the Google Docs team. 

The rollout is on a “rapid release” schedule, so customers can expect to be receiving the update very soon. It may not be immediate, but in the coming days everyone should gain this new functionality.

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