Castle Crashers Remastered and ClusterPuck 99 are now available on Xbox One

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Another two games made their way to the Xbox Games Store for the Xbox One; Castle Crashers Remastered and ClusterPuck 99. As a bonus, Xbox Live members get an additional 33% off both titles! In fact, if you owned Castle Crashers on your Xbox 360, you are eligible to download Castle Crashers on Xbox One for free! Castle Crashers Remastered offer good until September 20th; afterwards it is $5.00.
Castle Crashers Remastered is the same Castle Crashers game you experienced on your Xbox 360.  Up to four Xbox Live friends can play online or locally to defend your kingdom, destroy enemy castles, and save your beloved princess. Castle Crashers Remastered features over 40 weapons and 25 unique characters to level up and customize attributes like strength, magic, defense, and agility.
Castle Crashers Remastered is regularly available for $14.99, but it is also available to try out for free!
ClusterPuck 99 is a new multiplayer ice-hockey party game for Xbox One. ClusterPuck 99 allows you to play locally with up to 8 players! You can play ice hockey in a new way that is fun and exciting for everyone. Try to score while avoiding obstacles like spikes and using speed boosts to blast the puck into the goal. There are over 30 challenging maps with instant replays, stat tracking, player customization, and you can even make your own levels to challenge you in your friends with the ClusterPuck 99 level editor. There is even a single player challenge mode so you can practice playing by yourself!

ClusterPuck 99 is available on the Xbox One for $14.99. Bonus, Xbox Live members get an additional 33% off ($10.04). So which Xbox One game is it going to be? Castle Crashers Remastered or ClusterPuck 99? Let us know in the comments below!

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