Call of Duty Black Ops now available on Xbox One via backwards compatibility

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The list of Backward Compatible Xbox 360 games has been growing at a steady pace. A lot of classic Xbox 360 titles have made their way to the Xbox One since the feature launched last November. But some of the most popular Xbox 360 titles of all time have still not made it to the Xbox One--that is, until today.

Xbox Live's Major Nelson just announced on Twitter that the original Call of Duty: Black Ops is now backward compatible. CoD: Black Ops was one of the top 5 most requested games for backward compatibility. On the Xbox Uservoice forum, it collected 112,324 votes and generated 3700 comments.

Now you can pop in your copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops into you Xbox One, or access your digital download, and play the classic single player campaign, which for its was a ground-breaking multiplayer experience, or play one of the original Nazi-zombie survival modes.

It looks like we finally have an answer to what Mike Ybarra was teasing about last night.

And assuredly many Xbox fans will be happy being able to play this classic from 2010 on their latest generation console.

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