Call of Duty Advanced Warfare for Xbox One now on sale for $39.99 at the online Microsoft Store

by Email Twitter: seancameron28 Nov 30th, 2014 in News

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Everyone’s favorite family friendly help-the-elderly simulator, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, is now on sale at the online Microsoft Store for $39.99, having previously been $59.99. The sale is available for a limited time only, so pick up a copy while you can.

Advanced Warfare is the latest entry in the long-running war series. Players are pitted against one another in tense multi-player battles, wielding a futuristic arsenal to make Wile E. Coyote green with envy. There is also the customary roller-coaster ride of a single-player campaign, tasking the player with saving the world from Kevin Spacey by twitch shooting as many faceless enemies as possible and exploding the scenery with a Michael Bay-esque glee. With a vast array of weapons on offer, along with a multitude of customizations, players can tweak guns to their heart’s content while also improving their deadliness threefold. 

This latest entry in the series has proven to be at least as popular as its predecessors, and is well worth a pop if you are in the mood for a little popcorn fun. Head over to the VIA link to check out the offer.

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