Calendar, News, Finance, Travel, Sports, Weather, and more for Windows Phone receive new updates

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Calendar and Bing app suite for Windows Phone receive new updates

Microsoft has rolled out an update to the native Calendar app for Windows Phone. On top of that, the Bing suite of apps, which includes apps like Health & Fitness, News, Weather, Finance, Sports, Food & Drink, have all received updates.

Unfortunately, no change log was made available for any of their app updates leaving us to fend for ourselves in determining what is new. Thus far, there isn’t anything eye catching. We suspect there to be bug fixes and performance improvements.

Microsoft recently rolled out an update to the Bing app suite for Windows Phone, consisting of News, Travel, Finance, Sports, Weather, and more. In the past, these apps featured the Bing name in the title. However, with the previous update, Microsoft simply removed the Bing name. 

Grab the app updates via the download links below and share what you discover in the comments below.

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