Buy an Xbox One, get any Xbox One game free

Sean Michael

Xbox One and Halo

After E3, many potential purchasers of the Xbox One were salivating over some of the new features and games. If any of them are still on the fence about purchasing a new console, there is a yet another deal from Microsoft to try to push them to make the leap. You can get any Xbox One game for free with the purchase of a new Xbox One.

Xbox’s Major Nelson announced the deal and explained the details. The deal is not limited to a specific type of Xbox One so the older 500GB models and 1TB models are options. The post does point out that the 1TB version of the console comes with Halo: The Master Chief Collection “at no additional cost” and the new Xbox One controller with a standard headset jack so if you go the 1TB route with this deal you’d be getting the console and two games.

There’s also no restrictions on which game you can select, the post specifically points out that Batman: Arkham Knight, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and other big titles are options for the deal.

Here’s the downside to the deal: it’s only available at participating retailers in the United States and it only runs from Sunday June 21 until Saturday June 27.