Buy select Xbox 360 games now, pay $10 to trade up to the Xbox One version

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Amazon is offering a program right now that allows gamers to purchase a select game title for the Xbox 360, only to trade the game back in for the Xbox One version for $9.99. This promotion ends December 31st, so if you dont want to wait until the Xbox One is released to play a particular game, grab it now for the Xbox 360 and then play it later on the Xbox One!

Amazon customers can purchase games such as Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag and FIFA 14 for Xbox 360 and utilize the promotion once to trade-in the game for it's Xbox One equivalent for $9.99. If more than one game is traded in, the promotion will only apply to the lowest priced game title.

If you trade in a qualifying title, you can also earn a $25 bonus credit towards an Xbox One game. This would apply towards the games' existing trade-in value at $25. This program is similar to Gamestop's promotion which gives gamers a $50 trade-in credit for specific Xbox 360 titles if they choose to upgrade to the Xbox One equivalent. You can head over to Amazon to check out the promotion.

If you are wondering why this sounds like a good deal, just remember that the select Xbox 360 titles will cost you on average of $59 dollars. The Xbox One is set to launch in November of this year. The Xbox 360, on the other hand, continues to dominate the Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii for 31 consecutive months in the United States.

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