Button remapping now available on standard Xbox One wireless controllers

Microsoft’s New Xbox One Experience is less than a week old, and new features are still rolling out. The Xbox team just announced this week that they have now added the capability to remap buttons for standard Xbox One controllers.
This new capability allows gamers to alter which commands each button are tied to. The highly requested feature should be a delight to many Xbox One owners who wished they could change the layout of the controller to better suit the way they prefer to play their favorite games.
To modify the button map of your standard Xbox One controller you can head to the Xbox Accessories app. The app can be accessed a few different ways, first by opening the app from your list of apps, or through two separate menus nestled in Settings. The two paths via the Settings menu are Settings > Kinect & Devices > Devices & Accessories, or Settings > East of access > Button mapping.
The button remapping process for Standard Controllers works by swapping out buttons in pairs, trading one position for the other. In an example given by Major Nelson, “you choose to map LB to X, and then X is automatically mapped to LB.” So to perform multiple button swaps you will have to perform the remapping in sequences to get to the desired reconfiguration. Also it is important to note that any new button configuration is tied to your Xbox One, and not specifically to your controller. Meaning if you take a controller you were just using with a button remapping and connect it to a friend’s Xbox One, the button remapping won’t travel with the controller.
The new Xbox Elite Controller, however, will feature a more robust version of button mapping feature that mitigates potential problems from these two limitations of remapping on a Standard Controller. For Elite Controllers, only the A and B buttons are required to be at least somewhere on the controller. Every other button can be mapped however you desire. The Elite Controller also supports more configurations per user, configurations being stored on the controller, and cloud syncing of configurations. The bad news is, as we reported earlier, the Elite Controller is currently out of stock. So unless you pre-ordered it in the batch that ships 11/30 or the second batch that ships by 12/16, you might have to wait some time or purchase it through a new Xbox Elite bundle.
For a complete breakdown of the Xbox Accessories App with Elite vs. a Standard Controller, you can check out the diagram below provided by Major Nelson.
Xbox Controller Button Remapping
Does button remapping for a Standard Controller meet your needs or are you planning to get the Elite Controller for fuller customization? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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