Business customers can now buy the Microsoft Surface RT or Surface Pro in bulk

Surface bulk order

Microsoft is now allowing business consumers to purchase the Surface RT or Surface Pro, along with accessories and a three year warranty, via the company's new Commercial Order website.

In order to visit the Surface Commercial Order website, you must be a Microsoft employee, authorized partner or volume licensee. "Lead times for delivery and order requirements may vary depending on inventory. If you do not currently have a volume licensing agreement with Microsoft, there may be additional processing time to setup account and credit terms," the website states. The website also allows business users to purchase an Extended Hardware Service Plan, which ships out a replacement device before you even send the old one in. This plan runs for $200 per Surface Pro device and $150 per Surface RT device. This plan is only available in the US and Canada and via direct purchase from Microsoft.

Now that Microsoft is allowing for bulk orders (if you are a business customer), the big question that comes to mind right away is, are there enough in stock to be shipped out or will there be another long delay? Ok, i'm being a bit sarcastic here. This is great news for those who are planning on purchasing large quantities of Surface devices for their business.

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