Build 2019: Microsoft announces Fluid Framework, a new platform for shared, interactive experiences; coming later this year

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At Build 2019, the company’s annual developer conference, Microsoft has announced Fluid Framework, a new “web-based platform and componentized document model” for shared, interactive experiences.

Aimed towards human-centered productivity on a free-flowing canvas, the new framework will give people and teams new ways to create together and break down the barriers of the traditional documents as we know it.

The capabilities of Fluid Framework include:

  • Enabling content, from the web or productivity apps for example, to be deconstructed and reconstructed into modular components so people can more easily create together.
  • Delivering high-performance, multi-person, co-authoring experiences at speeds not yet achieved in the industry.
  • Creating room for intelligent agents to work alongside humans to co-author, fetch content, provide photo suggestions, identify experts, translate data and more.

Fluid Framework will come later this year and be available to developers through a software development kit. Microsoft will also deliver its first Microsoft 365 experiences powered by Fluid later this year.

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