Build 2017: A list of the Cortana “Skills”

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At Build 2017 today, Microsoft announced the launch of a new Cortana Skills Kit, aimed at helping developers modernize their apps. The first of the Cortana Skills are now available in preview to developers, and you can have a look at the most interesting of the 46 skills below.

  • Dominos Pizza
  • Dark Sky
  • Food Network
  • Open Table
  • Progressive
  • Tune In
  • IHeartRadio
  • Baby Stats
  • Internet of Things Facts
  • Headline News
  • VentureBeat News
  • Word of the Day
  • Washington State Ferry

The list above is just a short look at the Cortana Skills Kit. Microsoft recommends developers to provide their feedback, also noting that some of these skills work best on the Windows 10 Creates Update, and Android, and iOS.  You can learn more about these skills, see the phrases to invoke them, and examine the full list of 46 skills by visiting this Microsoft website.

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