Build 2016: Cortana to finally arrive on Xbox One in 2016

Michael Cottuli


While Phil Spencer was on stage at Build 2016 to talk about the future of Windows 10 on the Xbox One video game console. Amongst the bigger gaming news was a brief mention that Microsoft’s virtual assistant, Cortana is going to be coming to Xbox One with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update later this year.

While it certainly isn’t the only big thing that’s coming to Xbox with the new set of features arriving with the new update, it’s definitely one of the biggest. Xbox One owners have been waiting for the official arrival of Cortana on the console ever since it was first revealed that she would be coming to it. Some fans have even spotted her on the console already in a special preview mode. Xbox One integration with Cortana is going to be a huge factor in unifying Xbox users with the rest of the Windows 10 userbase and it will be a huge event when it finally happens.

Build is one of the biggest tech events of the year. The conference serves as a time for developers and consumers alike to get together and hear all of the latest news directly from Microsoft. We’re reporting live from Build 2016 this year so make sure to check out all of our break Microsoft news here.