Build 2014: Microsoft shows off Kinect V2 for Windows

Build 2014: Microsoft shows off Kinect V2 for Windows

Kinect and Xbox go hand in hand, but today at Build 2014 Microsoft was talking about Kinect V2 for Windows. In terms of appearance, the unit is the same as the Xbox One edition, and boasts a 1080p high definition camera with a wide field of vision.

We had already learned of the new hardware design a few days ago, but today made things more official.

While Microsoft's Meyersen seemed excited to talk about the second iteration of Kinect for Windows, all we have been treated to is a video of various real-world usage for the device -- showing that it can be used for much more than just gaming.

At the moment there is still now word on pricing or a release date, but we're expecting the release to be some time this summer.

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