BT Mobile enables data tethering for Windows phones

BT Mobile is one of the most recent mobile carriers to appear in the United Kingdom, following BT's purchase of EE, the largest UK mobile carrier, in 2015. While the carrier does not sell or offer Windows phones as part of any contract, it does offer SIM-only plans, which work with Windows phones. The company also provides tutorials for Windows phone, as well as detecting even the latest devices on its network, offering direct support for them. It also provides both its BT Mobile and BT WiFi apps for the platform.

Now, BT has reached out to us to let us know that it has enabled data tethering for Windows phones on its network. Those using BT Mobile and a Windows phone will now be able to enable the tethering option on their phone and use their mobile data on other devices, such as a laptop or PC. The data used while tethering will come out of the monthly data cap that is set on the account, otherwise, if there's no data left, it will begin eating into the monthly overspend cap.

To help users with this new functionality, the company has published a help article on its website which explains how to enable data tethering on a Windows phone

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