Brook wants to enable players to use the Xbox One controller on PS4 and Nintendo Switch with its new Kickstarter for the "X One Adapter"

Each console has its own set of controller(s) - Xbox comes with a controller for each console, such as the Xbox One controller, or the Xbox Elite controller if you're after a little more control. Then comes along the PlayStation 4 with its DUALSHOCK controllers, and then the Nintendo Switch with its Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and Joy-Con controllers.

But, what happens when you've only got an Xbox One controller but would like to play on another console? Well, you'll either be relying on having a spare controller for the other console lying around somewhere, or having to buy a new controller. What if, instead, you could pick up the Xbox One controller, place an adapter on it, and begin playing on a console of your choice? That's what Brook Design, LLC, is aiming to do with its latest Kickstarter. Called the "X One Adapter", it allows users to place an adapter on the back of their Xbox One controller and enables the ability to use it with other consoles.

Brook, having previously released a number of gaming accessories for a variety of consoles, aims to raise $5,000 by 15th October. At the time of writing, the Kickstarter had raised nearly $3,000 with 40 backers.

The adapter is said to support both the Xbox One and Xbox Elite Controller, be able to read Xbox Elite custom mappings, connect wirelessly to the Switch and more. The battery will not be replaceable, instead requiring charging via a USB cable.

What do you think to Brook's idea of an adapter enabling an Xbox One controller to work across a variety of consoles? Let us know in the comments below!

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