Bring back your retro side with Quest of Dungeon for Xbox One

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Yet another game has become available for the Xbox One, this time it's Quest of Dungeons. The game is a turn-based dungeon crawler game, which features retro-style graphics to give players an old school look.
Players can play as one of three classes: Warrior, Wizzard, Assassin, or even play as a Shaman to travel through dungeons and defeat enemies, and survive using items gathered while playing. The core objective of the game is to reach the layer of the Dark Lord and defeat him.
Unlike a lot of old-school games, monsters and items aren't in the exact same place every time you play, making the game fun for longer without boring the player. The game also tries to appeal to hardcore players with the fact that a single death ends the entire game.
The game is available for only $8.99 on Xbox One. If you're interested, you can buy the game by clicking the link right here. Be sure to give us your opinion of the game in the comments below.

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