BMW is reportedly set to acquire 57,000 Lumia Windows Phones for its employees

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Bmw is reportedly set to acquire 57,000 lumia windows phones for its employees

Over the years we’ve heard of several key organizations opting for Windows Phones rather than Android and iOS solutions to fulfill their mobile communication and productivity needs. Hyatt Hotels, BT (British Telecom), CaixaBank, Delta Airlines and more have already adopted Windows Phones. Even the folks over at IBM are convinced that Microsoft’s mobile OS is better suited for business.

Today, reports emerged of yet another well-known company making the switch to Windows Phone; German carmaker BMW. The company is reportedly set to acquire 57,000 Microsoft Lumia devices starting in 2015. BMW AG is set to purchase the Lumia 630 for most employees, while executives will be offered the higher-end Lumia 930.

Bmw is reportedly set to acquire 57,000 lumia windows phones for its employees

The Windows Phone 8.1-powered devices are set to replace BMW’s existing Nokia Symbian-based devices, and should see more of the company’s mobile applications such as My BMW Remote, BMW ConnectedDrive, BM Link Europe, BMW Wireless and others come to Microsoft’s platform.

While Windows Phone isn’t enjoying the same warm embrace that the Surface is in businesses, it is slowly yet surely finding its way into some of the larger enterprises, and will hopefully see a boost in adoption rates once Windows 10 is released for PC and phone. Unifying these form factors into a single platform can be hugely beneficial to businesses as it would mean a greater level of cross platform compatibility and higher efficiency.

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