Some Blu Windows phones upgradeable to Windows 10 Mobile after all

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One week has passed now since Microsoft released Windows 10 Mobile on a select list of handsets, and the roll-out of the new operating system has been disappointing for Windows phones owners who have been left on the side of the road. We previously reported that Microsoft has been caught backtracking on Blu Win JR LTE Windows 10 Mobile upgrade status as the low-end phone that has been advertised as being upgradeable to Windows 10 Mobile on the Microsoft Store did not end on the list of supported devices for the update.

For the record, the US Microsoft Store is currently selling two Blu Windows phones:

  • The Blu Win Jr LTE X130q, which is a US variant of the Blu Win JR LTE that only features 512 MB of RAM
  • The Blu Win HD LTE X150q, again a US variant of the higher-end phone

Microsoft has already confirmed that devices with only 512 MB of RAM won’t be supported for the update, so the Blu Win Jr LTE is definitely not supported. However, our colleagues at Windows Central have just shared a list obtained by Lovable Lumia that reveals which Blu phones are going to be updated to Windows 10 Mobile in the future. Please find the details below (emphasis is on US models currently sold on the Microsoft Store):

  • Blu Win HD W510u: Update available
  • Blu Win HD LTE X150q: Update is on pause. (bug fixes)
  • Blu Win HD LTE X150e: Update is pending
  • Blu Win Jr LTE X130e: Update is pending
  • Blu Win Jr LTE X130q: Update not available
  • Blu Win Jr: Update not available

So, both the Blu Win JR and the Blu Win Jr LTE X130q which only have 512 MB of Ram won’t be updated to Windows 10 Mobile. However, according to this list the update for the US variant of the Blu Win HD LTE is currently delayed as the OEM is currently working on bug fixes. We’ll let you know if we learn something new about the upgrade status of the handset.

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