Bladestorm Nightmare arrives on Xbox One, play as a mercenary in this action and adventure game

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Bladestorm Nightmare arrives on Xbox One, bringing a refreshing retake on a Bladestorm Xbox 360 remake

Bladestorm Nightmare is a next-gen remake of the 2007 Xbox 360 strategy game, Bladestorm The Hundred Years' War. Bladestorm Nightmare brings the latest fighting techniques, Xbox Live multiplayer, and a new Nightmare mode, where you must also fight against dragons and other fictional beasts of either the English or French armies.

Players play as mercenaries fighting on either the French or the English side with control of different military units in the realistic The Hundred Years' War mode or the fictional Nightmare mode where you battle against legions of dragons, giants, and demons let by a demonically possessed Joan of Arc in your own quest for dominance on the battlefield. You must momentarily stop your fight against England or France to join forces to fight against Joan of Arc's monstrous hordes in Nightmare mode. 

Ultimately, Your goal is to restore Joan of Arc to her normal self and quell her demonic army, therefore saving the world from evil. If you are unfamiliar with the game, there is a Bladestorm Nightmare demo available in the Xbox One Store to play at your leisure. 

Bladestorm Nightmare is available for $59.99 on Xbox One via the download link below.

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