Bing updates elections experience, adds Campaign Landscape three weeks before US presidential vote

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With the third and final Presidential Debate coming up on Wednesday, Election Day is fast approaching here in the United States. As has been the theme throughout this election year, Bing once again has you covered and has updated their elections experience by adding in a Campaign Landscape.

Election 2016 Predictions By State

Election 2016 Predictions

With the new Campaign Landscape, you can see who Bing Predicts is going to win the election, and which candidate is going to win by each state, in real time. Forecasts for congressional races are coming soon to the feature and poll results are also included as well.¬†Additionally, you can use Campaign Landscape for a state by state mapped view of how much each candidate is spending in each of the 50 States, and how much money each candidate has raised from industries, Super PAC’s, and more.

If you’re curious as to the voting demographics in your state, you can also use the Campaign Landscape to see which demographic is voting for Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump. These results are sorted by state, and can be searched by volume in relation to age and gender.

Wednesday Night’s final Presidential Debate will be streamed live through Bing, and you can access it by searching for “Presidential Debate” on Bing tomorrow. To stay up to date on all the Presidential news, you also can also head over to the homepage of the Bing Elections experience, which has a news hub to help you search for the more trending news stories.

Who will you be voting for in November? Have you been keeping up with the Presidential election news? Let us know what you think by dropping us a comment in the section below!

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