Bing now lets you filter search results by the past day, past week, or past month


Microsoft is now allowing users to filter their search by certain time periods, including filtering results from the past 24 hours, the past week, or the past month. This new feature is the company’s attempt in making sure you find fresh and topical search results in a timely manner.

“At Bing, our goal is to give you the most comprehensive and trustworthy set of search results so you can get more done. Behind the scenes, we spend a lot of time and computational horsepower to ensure that you are getting fresh and topical search results as they happen. In that spirit, we recently released an easy way for you to sort results by time period,” Microsoft stated in an official Bing blog post.

When searching for something or someone on Bing, you will see results as well as a dropdown at the top of the search result list that lets you filter according to the three new timeframes. Head over to to give this new feature a spin!


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