Bing now gives smarter results for home, medical, and school-related searchs

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Bing now gives smarter results for home, doctor, and school-related searchs

Bing is quickly becoming the backbone for many of Microsoft’s services, and today they’ve announced another addition to help easily surface relevant data.  This time it centers on those in the midst of a move and the information they would find most helpful.

For instance, when mobile users of Bing search for a house address, they’ll get an overview of details like price, nearby schools, and similar homes.  Additionally, Bing will provide direct links to Zillow, Trulia, and other sites with even more information.  Clicking on a school will get you a GreatSchools ratings, rankings, and student-faculty ratios, which could be pretty handy for the parents out there.  Finally, if you find yourself searching Bing for a doctor – more than 66% of which are for someone in particular – then you’ll be shown that doctor’s educational background and years of experience.

Google, with their power as the king of search, are able to provide incredible insights while simultaneously locking people into their ecosystem of web services.  Microsoft is smart to keep its foot in the door by making a credible contender with Bing, and it looks like these changes are right in line with that aim.

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