Bing Maps undergoes a stylish revamp, adds localized landmark icons and more

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Bing Maps undergoes stylistic revamp, adds localized landmark icons and more

Bing Maps has added several new features to its service. Recently, it added airports and malls to the Venue Maps for many Indian cities. Today, the mapping service has announced several styling and rendering improvements to Bing Maps. Now the service utilizes gradient land color and landmark icons in a better way.

The gradient coloring options resonate changes as you scroll through the map. As you zoom out, the land color becomes lighter and gets darker when zoomed in at higher levels of detail. This change will make the streets more visible.

Bing Maps has also improved landmark icons. Now the service includes local symbols as well. Thus, the maps are more culturally-accurate and include symbols of banks and pharmacies.

On the map, there were many instances where there were duplicate entries of public transit icons in the United States. The new update squashes the redundant entries. Furthermore, you might be pleased to know that the new styling helps differentiate park trails and pathways from roads.

Go to Bing Maps and check out the difference yourself, share your experience below.

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